My E.L. Year

School is over and summer is here! I know I haven’t posted for a while but I wanted to tell everyone about my year! This year in E.L. we had lots of fun, we enjoyed a spectacular Christmas Party , had an indoor camp-out, and much much more! This year we had a spectacular first day, we made inspiration boards and got to meet our wonderful teacher! (You can see my first post and  my inspiration board on a post called “What Inspires Me”) On the second week of E.L. I made a post called “Goal Setting”  I  talked about how important it is to set and achieve goals. The next few weeks went by and then came Christmas. We had a very fun Christmas we did a gift exchange with everyone! It was so much fun! In the next few weeks we started making progress on all of our projects, Tyler was working on landforms, Annabelle was making a slide show for the Plaza, and we were all having lots of fun! Winter was coming and we had so many snow days! Although we got to have fun in the snow we were also very sad that we were missing E.L. days. Next we  had a very fun Valentines Day! We made fun and very creative Valentine’s Day boxes. About a week or two later Ms. Schmidt told us that she was going to be leaving our E.L. Center and we found out the students from our E.L. center would be moving to the Highlands E.L. Center. At first we were sad that Ms.Schmidt was leaving but then we decided to make the best of it! For the next few weeks we started working harder and harder on our projects. Eventually the last week came and we had treats and we did Steve Spangler Science  Experiments  and we had to say our last Goodbyes to Our wonderful E.L. teacher Ms. Schmidt. It was the best year in E.L. I’ve ever had! And I’m sure I will have fun next year too!


Spring is Finally here! The cold winter is gone and it is warming up. All the snow is gone and we can play outside again. Now sports are starting up. Soccer, Football, and swimming will be starting up.

Super Snow Days

In the Winter time we have Snow Days! BBRRR!! Snow days are fun but sometimes you get stuck inside. Other times you can go sledding or have a snowball fights. We had 2 snowdays in a row! I went to Tennis Camp with some of my friends. Although we had 2 Snow days in a row we missed an E.L. 🙁|

The Electro-Circuts By Henry and Ada


Have you ever learned how to make a working circut?  Well, today we did! We hooked up wires, powered batteries, and therefore  made a lightbulb work. There are pictures later in this post to show you what it looked like. Although the lightbulb was small it takes a lot of energy. It took 4.5 volts to power 3 lightbulbs. We needed to use three huge batteries to get the 4.5 volts that we needed to power our circuts (lightbulbs). We needed to use two wires, one battery, two clips, a lightbulb holder, a battery  holder, and of course, the lightbulb to power one Electro-Circut.

Electrico City

  Glow In the Dark